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Classical 80*80 BE-80 3AA three-phase digital panel ammeter

Classical 80*80 BE-80 3AA three-phase digital panel ammeter
  • BE-80 3AA

  • KDSI Also can do OEM

  • BE-80 3AA

  • LED,4 Digits Display,3 rows LED Intelligent Digita

  • 0-9999

  • 0.5

  • AC / DC 80V~270V ,AC 220V,AC 380V,AC 100V

  • -10℃~+55℃

  • 80*80mm

  • 3-phase 3-wire,3-phase 4-wire

  • 1.2 times;10 times for /5 second(Instantaneous)

Classical  80*80 BE-80 3AA three-phase digital panel ammeter

1.1Product Description  

BE-80 3AA Model BE-80 3AA
Measure range Current(I)
Measure voltage AC 0-500 V
Rated current AC 0~5 A(can add CT)
Expand function RS485,Modbus,switch input/output,analog output
Frame size 80*80mm
Cutout size 77*77mm
Connection mode three-phase four wire,three-phase three wire
Power supply AC/DC 80~270V,AC380V,
Product Description
 BE-72 3AA-0 Overview
BE-3AA series High precision measurement of three phase AC current.
Provide the digital tube display, local data query.
Digital LED display ,can set the ratio of current.
1.Communication interface 1 way RS-485  communication, Modbus-RTU protocol
2.Baud rate: 1200~9600bps, the default 2400bps
3.Switch input support 4 stem node input.
4.The switch output support 3 relay output,  capacity: AC 250V/5A, DC 30V/5A
5.Transmission output support 3 analog output: 0/4~20mA or 0~5/10V
BE-80 3AA the back


Adopting A.C . Sampling this series meter can measure electrical parameters of the net such as current,voltage,frequency etc.and set ratio through key on panet .

Technical data

Technical parameters Value
input Normal value Voltage :300V500VCurrent :1A5A(Or ordered by customer)
Overload Currentcontinual 1.2timesinstaneous10times/1s
Voltagecontinual1.2timesinstaneous 2times/1s.
Frequency 4565Hz
Accuracy class 0.5
Display LED displayrange in0~9999
Voltage range AC 220V
Power consumption <5VA
Insulation resistance 100MΩ
Isolation voltage Between power supply/input/output   2kV/1minrms
MTBF 50000h
Environment Temperature Work-10~55,Storage:-25~+70℃
Humidity 93%RHIn the place without dew and corrosive gas
Altitude 2000m

Programming explain

There are three buttons in meters,such as  " SET","←","→" 、" caozuomianban huiche.jpgcaozuomianban huiche.jpg ".
"←" :  Menu items on the move or incremental value. .
"→" :   Menu item down or diminishing value .
"SET":   Menu Editor or the value of bit shifted to the right (in the digital input mode) .
   caozuomianban huiche.jpg "   ": Used for menu moving backward, the parameter is set back off and save your settings .

Note: SET ” :the value of bit shifted to the right, in the password input mode or CT PT value input mode

1.2Dimensioned drawing


BE-80 3AA BE-80 3AA-1 BE-80 3AA-2 BE-80 dimensioned drawing

1.3Product Application


1.4 Product Packaging 


          Both products for overseas and domestic sales have the same high quality and are same carefully packaged. Perfection is our best interpretation to professionalism.
       Anti-moisture, anti-extrusion, anti-shock and anti-exposure.
       Specially thickened quality packaging cartons, anti-moisture and anti-shock.

       Professional bubble bags inside to prevent vibration during transportation.

Our meters are carefully packed layer by layer to ensure they can withstand long-distance transit to arrive at customers 

1.5 Professional Storage

  Neat warehouse and clean production line

1.6 Our Customer

2.1、Test Report of SICEM  
No. Test Item Allowed value Actual value Conclusion
1 Appearanceinspection Visual control Meet the demand
2 Insulation resistance 5MΩ Meet the demand
3 Voltage test Voltage 2KV Meet the demand
4 Response time 4s 1.5s Meet the demand
5 Test of intrinsic error ±1.5 ±0.5 Meet the demand
6 Test of tracking error ±1.5 ±0.6 Meet the demand
7 Test of deviation from zero ±0.75 0 Meet the demand
8 Test of overshoot ±20 0 Meet the demand
9 Test of self-heating ±1.5 ±0.1 Meet the demand
10 Test of variation due to distortion of a.c. measured quantity ±1.5 ±0.2 Meet the demand
11 Test of variation due to position ±0.75 ±0.2 Meet the demand
12 Test of variation due to frequency on a.c. measured quantity ±1.5 ±0.3 Meet the demand
13 Test of variation due to a magnetic field of external origin ±6 ±0.2 Meet the demand
14 Test of variation due to ambient temperature ±1.5 ±0.2 Meet the demand
15 Test of variation due to ferromagnetic supports ±1.5 ±0.5 Meet the demand
16 Short-time overload test ±1.5 ±0.5 Meet the demand
17 Continuous overload test ±1.5 ±0.5 Meet the demand
18 Vibration and shock test ±1.5 ±0.3 Meet the demand
19 Temperature limits test ±1.5 ±0.2 Meet the demand
20 Test of variation due to temperature ±1.5 ±0.2 Meet the demand

 2.2、Advanced Test Equipment Imported

             Test is more accurate, with highest precision and smallest error

Our meters are carefully packed layer by layer to ensure they can withstand long-distance transit to arrive at customers safely. 

Production Line

Operators are working earnestly to control each and very working procedure. Details are attended as the manifestation of our professionalism everywhere 
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