Download List

Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
2019 KDSI New Catalog.pdf KDSI Catalog 7.17MB 129 2019-03-04 Download
KDSI F96 AC Net Insulation Monitor.pdf 96*96MM AC Net Insulation Monitor 307KB 100 2019-02-21 Download
Selector Switch.pdf Ampere Meter Selector switch / Voltmeter selector switch 3.28MB 87 2019-02-19 Download
K-250 MOVEMENT.pdf METER PART MOVEMENT K-250 413KB 107 2018-11-19 Download
K-500 MOVEMENT.pdf METER PART MOVEMENT K-500 410KB 103 2018-11-19 Download
K-100 MOVEMENT.pdf Meter part Movement K-100 269KB 106 2018-11-19 Download
KDSI-digital voltmeter.pdf Digital voltmeter, single phase or three phase 1.18MB 278 2017-09-15 Download
KDSI-digital voltmeter ammeter.pdf Digital ammeter, voltmeter, single phase or three phase 4.38MB 153 2017-09-15 Download
KDSI-digital Multifunctional Monitoring meter .pdf Multifunctional Monitoring meter, LCD or LED type, measure 3-phase current /voltage/power/frequency 1.14MB 152 2017-09-15 Download
BP 80 670 45 Hz meter.pdf BP type frequency meter 1.46MB 171 2017-06-29 Download
BP 80 60 670 45 AC Ammeter and Voltmeter .pdf BP type ac ammeter and voltmeter 1.78MB 185 2017-06-29 Download
BP 80 60 670 45 38 DC Ammeter and Voltmeter.pdf BP type dc ammeter and voltmeter 1.46MB 169 2017-06-29 Download
LS-110 power meter.pdf Wide angle LS-110 power meter 1.55MB 162 2017-06-29 Download
LS-110 Hz meter .pdf Wide angle LS-110 frequency meter 1.49MB 188 2017-06-29 Download
LS-110 DC current and voltage.pdf Wide angle LS-110 dc current and voltage 1.49MB 160 2017-06-29 Download
LS-110 AC current and voltage .pdf Wide angle LS-110 AC current and voltage 1.53MB 159 2017-06-29 Download
LS-110 power factor meter.pdf Wide angle LS-110 power factor meter 1.55MB 151 2017-06-29 Download
BE-96W 240-250degree.pdf BE-96W Wide angle panel meter 262KB 174 2017-06-29 Download
BP-15 DC current and voltage.pdf Edgewise meter BP-15 type dc panel meter 1.48MB 151 2017-06-29 Download
BP-15 AC current and voltage .pdf Edgewise meter BP-15 type ac panel meter 1.48MB 162 2017-06-29 Download
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