KDS INSTRUMENT (KUNSHAN) CO., LTD (“KDSI”) is a manufacturer specializing in production of power distribution panel mounted instruments. The main products made by KDSI include various types of AC and DC voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, power meter and power factor meter; a variety of digital display electrical meters, smart control instruments, multi-functional meters for power grid, current transformers and shunts; and various kinds of instrument parts, plastic injection and bakelite molding. The company has a team of intermediate & senior technicians and engineers who have long engaged in the instrument profession. The company has implemented the computerized management system and introduced advanced digital standard meters as reference in the production.?
KDSI’s products are exported to USA, Japan, Malaysia, Italy and other countries, and the quality of our products is maintained constantly. The company’s meters and instruments are made in strict accordance with the international standards IEC60051 and IEC61010 and the Chinese national standard GB/T7676-1998, while the transformers are produced strictly conforming to the international standard IEC60044-1 (2003) and the Chinese national standard GB1208-2006.
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