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KDSI electronic apparatus LS-110 110*110 DC4-20mA 15MW ampere power meter

KDSI electronic apparatus LS-110 110*110 DC4-20mA 15MW ampere power meter
Linear full scale AC measurements,these instruments measure average values of sinusoidal waveforms and are scaled in RMS values.
waterproof, dustproof .
  • LS-110

  • KDSI Also can do OEM

  • 9030339000

KDSI electronic apparatus  LS-110 110*110 DC4-20mA 15MW ampere power meter

1.1Product Description 

Acrylic resin cover, plastic meter body, Bakelite terminal plate. Two stud mounting.
Scale Plate :   
The normal scale plate is made of alloy-aluminium material white printed with black scales,Values, units, technique symbols, etc.
Scale plate with special requirements are available upon request.
Such as color, scale with lighting functions and PVC noctilucence are available upon request.
Transparent cover, Grey meter body, white scale plate.
Normaly, the pointer is made of alloy-aluminium, it is black, and red, white are available Upon request.
All meters are subject to anti-static treatment to minimize the static-effect to the accuracy of  the meters.
Damping and Overshoot:
The overshoot is less than 15% when the pointer is at the 2/3 of the scale.
Damping and overshoot can be customized according to user’s requirements.
Class1.5, 2.5;
Service condition:
-20~+50 degree;
Operating position:
Generally, meter is installed in vertical position. Other installation position can be customized (please specify the desired angle).The accuracy class is just valid for the Corresponding installation mode.
Insulation Test: 
The test Voltage for BE&BP series is 2KV RMS for 1 minute with the frequency 50Hz.
Safety Precautions:
Meters with damaged bezels or glass faceplates must be disconnected from the mains. Scale plate, front frames and windows may only be replaced under voltage-free conditions.
The meter should be kept clean, if the meter is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protective function may be impaired.
The advantages of Our products:
Interchangeable Dial.
Changing the scale plate without opening the meter.Under the same secondary current, the scale plate of AC ammeter can be Changed, no loss of accuracy.
Model LS-110
AC Current with Recifier
Ranges mA 100mA 150mA 200mA 400mA 500mA 600mA 800mA
A 1A 5A 10A 15A 20A
Combined with an external C.T. X/1A 10/1A 15/1A 20/1A 30/1A 40/1A 50/1A 60/1A 75/1A 100/1A 150/1A 200/1A 250/1A 300/1A 400/1A 500/1A 600/1A 800/1A 1000/1A 1200/1A 1500/1A 1600/1A 2000/1A 2500/1A 3000/1A More Ranges can be customized
X/5A 10/5A 15/5A 20/5A 30/5A 40/5A 50/5A 60/5A 75/5A 100/5A 150/5A 200/5A 250/5A 300/5A 400/5A 500/5A 600/5A 800/5A 1000/5A 1200/5A 1500/5A 1600/5A 2000/5A 2500/5A 3000/5A More Ranges can be customized
AC Voltmeter with Recifier
Ranges V 10V 25V 40V 60V 100V 150V 250V 300V 450V 500V 600V
KV Combined with an external PT **/100V **/110V
Model LS-110
DC Current
Ranges uA 150uA 250uA 500uA 800uA
mA 4-20mA 1mA 10mA 500mA 800mA
A 1A 2A 3A 4A 5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A
For connecting to external shunt 50mV 60mV 75mV 10A 15A 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A 100A 150A 200A 250A 300A 400A 500A 600A 800A 1000A 1500A 2000A 2500A 3000A
DC Voltmeter
Ranges V 0.5V 1V 10V 25V 50V 100V 250V 500V 600V
Frequency Meters
Measuring frequency ranging from 45-65Hz , Moving Coil movement.Voltage Fluctuation Allowance:+20%
Frequency Meter
Model Measuring Rang Voltage

LS-110 45-55Hz 45-65Hz 55-65Hz 100V,220V,380V,400V,440v
Power Factor Meters
Analog panel meter composed of a core-magnet moving coil movement and a built in or a separate power factor converter. The power factor converter determines the cos phase angle between current and voltage. COS¢ is displayed at the moving coil movement. The symbol letters are PF. The accuracy class is 2.5
Power Factor Meter
Model Specification Voltage Current

LS-110 0.5lead-1.0-0.5lag 110V 220V 380V 415V, 1A 5A
Power Meters for Active and Reactive Power
Analog panel meter composed of a core-magnet moving coil movement and a built in or a separate power converter.Power meters are intended for measuring active and reactive power in single phase or three phase networks, with balanced or unbalanced load.The accuracy class is 1.5

Model Voltage Current
Power Meter

Single phase system

100V 220V 1A 5A
Three phase three wire 3P3W

100V 220V 380V  440V 1A 5A


1.2Dimensioned drawing

LS-110 dimensional drawing.jpg

LS-110 DC4-20mA 15MW LS-110 DC4-20mA 15MW-2 LS-110 DC4-20mA 15MW-1

1.3Product Application


1.4 Product Packaging 


          Both products for overseas and domestic sales have the same high quality and are same carefully packaged. Perfection is our best interpretation to professionalism.
       Anti-moisture, anti-extrusion, anti-shock and anti-exposure.
       Specially thickened quality packaging cartons, anti-moisture and anti-shock.

       Professional bubble bags inside to prevent vibration during transportation.

Our meters are carefully packed layer by layer to ensure they can withstand long-distance transit to arrive at customers 

1.5 Professional Storage

  Neat warehouse and clean production line

1.6 Our Customer

2.1、Test Report of SICEM  
No. Test Item Allowed value Actual value Conclusion
1 Appearanceinspection Visual control Meet the demand
2 Insulation resistance 5MΩ Meet the demand
3 Voltage test Voltage 2KV Meet the demand
4 Response time 4s 1.5s Meet the demand
5 Test of intrinsic error ±1.5 ±0.5 Meet the demand
6 Test of tracking error ±1.5 ±0.6 Meet the demand
7 Test of deviation from zero ±0.75 0 Meet the demand
8 Test of overshoot ±20 0 Meet the demand
9 Test of self-heating ±1.5 ±0.1 Meet the demand
10 Test of variation due to distortion of a.c. measured quantity ±1.5 ±0.2 Meet the demand
11 Test of variation due to position ±0.75 ±0.2 Meet the demand
12 Test of variation due to frequency on a.c. measured quantity ±1.5 ±0.3 Meet the demand
13 Test of variation due to a magnetic field of external origin ±6 ±0.2 Meet the demand
14 Test of variation due to ambient temperature ±1.5 ±0.2 Meet the demand
15 Test of variation due to ferromagnetic supports ±1.5 ±0.5 Meet the demand
16 Short-time overload test ±1.5 ±0.5 Meet the demand
17 Continuous overload test ±1.5 ±0.5 Meet the demand
18 Vibration and shock test ±1.5 ±0.3 Meet the demand
19 Temperature limits test ±1.5 ±0.2 Meet the demand
20 Test of variation due to temperature ±1.5 ±0.2 Meet the demand

 2.2、Advanced Test Equipment Imported

             Test is more accurate, with highest precision and smallest error

Our meters are carefully packed layer by layer to ensure they can withstand long-distance transit to arrive at customers safely. 

Production Line

Operators are working earnestly to control each and very working procedure. Details are attended as the manifestation of our professionalism everywhere 
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