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High quality BE-72 AC1500/5A ac panel analog ampere meter

moving iron 72*72 ammeter CE approved
High quality BE-72 AC1500/5A ac panel analog ampere meter
  • BE-72
  • KDSI Also can do OEM
  • 9030339000

CE certificate  BE-72 AC15/5A analog ac moving iron ampere indicator


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 Product  Description ______________________________________________________________ 

Product Name  High quality BE-72 AC1500/5A ac panel analog ampere meter
Type amp meter Service OEM ODM
Composition Glass window Model BE-72
ABS Resin frame and case 
PC glass fiber base mounting fitting
Scale Plate Normally Aluminum Alloy or Customized Front Frame 72*72
Features Zero Adjustment/Aging Test/Anti-static Panel Cutout(mm) 68*68
Operating Position Normally in vertical position or customized Color Customized
Pointer Normally Aluminum Alloy or Customized Accuracy Class 1.5,2.5
Overshoot Less than 15% when the pointer is at the 2/3 of the scale.(Can be customized) Service Condition

-20~+50 degree 


 BE-72 AC1500-5A ammeterBE-72 AC1500-5A ammeter-2BE-72 AC1500-5A ammeter-1

1.2Dimensioned drawing

BE-72 Dimensioned drawing.jpg

 Our Company _________________________________________________________________________________

KDS INSTRUMENT (KUNSHAN) CO., LTD. (“KDSI”) is a manufacturer specializing in production of power distribution panel mounted instruments. The main products made by KDSI include various types of AC and DC voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, power meter and power factor meter; a variety of digital display electrical meters, smart control instruments, multi-functional meters for power grid, current transformers and shunts; and various kinds of instrument parts, plastic injection and bakelite molding. The company has a team of intermediate & senior technicians and engineers who have long engaged in the instrument profession. The company has implemented the computerized management system and introduced advanced digital standard meters as reference in the production.

Six Advantages_______________________________________________________________________________

1. BRAND       20 years of experience, and a global supplier for voltmeters and ammeters with a professional team.

2. QUALITY   All of our products are made of new materials that can withstand the high temperature up to 180 degrees centigrade, and they are certified to the European Union CE and ISO9000.

3. APPLICATIONS  Wide Range of Applications, Distribution Cabinets, ships, Audio and Stage amplifiers, welding machines and so on.

4. LEAD TIME   Short lead time, only approximately three days for normal specifications. 

5. PRICE             Cost-effective ,with the lowest price compared with those in the same quality.

6. SERVICES      Our products can be tailor-made for our customers, with the lifelong service available free of charge

WorkshopProfessional Team

1.3Product Application



1.4 Product Packaging 


         Both products for overseas and domestic sales have the same high quality and are same carefully packaged. Perfection is our best interpretation to professionalism.

       Anti-moisture, anti-extrusion, anti-shock and anti-exposure.
       Specially thickened quality packaging cartons, anti-moisture and anti-shock.

       Professional bubble bags inside to prevent vibration during transportation.

Our meters are carefully packed layer by layer to ensure they can withstand long-distance transit to arrive at customers 

1.5 Professional Storage

  Neat warehouse and clean production line

1.6 Our Customer


2.1、Test Report of SICEM  

No. Test Item Allowed value Actual value Conclusion
1 Appearanceinspection Visual control Meet the demand
2 Insulation resistance 5MΩ Meet the demand
3 Voltage test Voltage 2KV Meet the demand
4 Response time 4s 1.5s Meet the demand
5 Test of intrinsic error ±1.5 ±0.5 Meet the demand
6 Test of tracking error ±1.5 ±0.6 Meet the demand
7 Test of deviation from zero ±0.75 0 Meet the demand
8 Test of overshoot ±20 0 Meet the demand
9 Test of self-heating ±1.5 ±0.1 Meet the demand
10 Test of variation due to distortion of a.c. measured quantity ±1.5 ±0.2 Meet the demand
11 Test of variation due to position ±0.75 ±0.2 Meet the demand
12 Test of variation due to frequency on a.c. measured quantity ±1.5 ±0.3 Meet the demand
13 Test of variation due to a magnetic field of external origin ±6 ±0.2 Meet the demand
14 Test of variation due to ambient temperature ±1.5 ±0.2 Meet the demand
15 Test of variation due to ferromagnetic supports ±1.5 ±0.5 Meet the demand
16 Short-time overload test ±1.5 ±0.5 Meet the demand
17 Continuous overload test ±1.5 ±0.5 Meet the demand
18 Vibration and shock test ±1.5 ±0.3 Meet the demand
19 Temperature limits test ±1.5 ±0.2 Meet the demand
20 Test of variation due to temperature ±1.5 ±0.2 Meet the demand

 2.2、Advanced Test Equipment Imported

             Test is more accurate, with highest precision and smallest error

Our meters are carefully packed layer by layer to ensure they can withstand long-distance transit to arrive at customers safely. 

Production Line

Operators are working earnestly to control each and very working procedure. Details are attended as the manifestation of our professionalism everywhere 

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