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The use of ammeters and voltmeters

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The use of ammeters and voltmeters

The use of Ammeters and Voltmeters

Analogue Display
Analogue displays have a pointer which moves over a graduated scale .They could be difficult to read because of the need to work out the value of the smallest scale division.For example the scale in BP-670 DC Ammeter DC5A has 10 small divisions between "0" and "1" so each small division represents 0.1.
The maximum reading of an analogue meter us called full-scale deflection or FSD.
BP-670 DC Ammeter DC5A

Take accurate reading
To take an accurate reading from an analogue scale you must have your eye in line with the pointer.Avoid looking at an angle from the left or right because you will see a reading which is a little too high or too low.Many analogue meters have a small strip of mirror along the scale to help you.When your eye is in the correct position the reflection of the pointer is hidden behind the pointer itself.If you can see the reflection you are looking at an angle.

Connecting meters
It is important to connect meters the correct way .
The positive terminal of the meter ,marked "+"of coloured red,should be connected nearest to "+" on the battery or power supply.
The negative terminal of the meter "-" or coloured black should be connected nearest to "-" on the battery or power supply.
 Symbol of voltmeter    symbol of voltmeter.jpg
Voltmeter measure voltage
Voltage is measured in volts,V
Voltmeters are connected in parallet across components
Voltmeters have a very high resistance.
Ammeters measure current
Current is measured is amps ,A
Ammetes are connected in series
To connect in series you must break the circuit and put the ammeter across the gap,as shown in the diagram.

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